Yet new experiences

As I think I’ve mentioned, I’m living is subsidized housing. This is also a first for me.

One of my neighbors is a man fighting stage 3 cancer (not sure what kind) and actually succeeding. One of my upstairs neighbors is a woman with a teenage daughter who actually owns a house out in the country, I have no idea how she qualifies for subsidized housing.

This story is about my upstairs neighbor.
Yesterday, she came banging on my door to ask me a grammar question. I asked, with interest, what test she was studying for (go neighbor!). Turns out it was her 15 year old daughter’s homework that was due that day but hadn’t even been started yet. Worse yet, it was the practice exam for one of the state tests. She was doing the work for her daughter, and then going to take it to the school to her so she could turn it in.

Needless to say, this not only blew my mind it confused me greatly. I’m still confused.

I told her that it was likely her daughter would flunk the real exam if she hadn’t studied for it. Mom told me that it was okay because last year she’d passed it on her 3rd try. And she seemed proud of that. More confusion on my part.

Later that evening neighbor mom was telling me how she had applied as a teacher at the new learning center for the complex. The learning center is a daycare, tutoring center, and community center for the apartment complex.

I’m really really confused.

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  1. stillstrange

     /  April 13, 2012

    Aren’t people interesting?
    So, as I understand it the mom did and turned in the Practice Test for her daughter which the Mom passed on the 3rd try. Plus, that same mom has applied as a Teacher at the Learning Center of the apartment complex. I believe the Teacher Job she applied for is actually a Tutor position which is the cause for your confusion there, and I think you are right on the fact that the daughter is not going to be able to pass the test on her own without learning the answers that mom used to fill in the paper which she turned in for her.

  2. Partly correct. Daughter passed the actual exam last year on the 3rd try.
    I don’t know if they get scored on the practice exam or not.

    Tutor or teacher (she actually said teacher but she may not know the difference), I can’t see how she would be good for the kids in either position. :/


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