Still no package from StillStrange..

I was waiting to see if maybe it was getting forwarded from my post box but other mail has gotten forwarded and it hasn’t shown up yet.
I know the amazon address is correct, I got the rice cooker I ordered just fine. AND I just double/triple checked it, and it is correct.

So… get out your 70’s, or was it early 80’s, TV jingle and sing it with me… “packaaaaage in spaaaaaaace” (Piiiiiiigs iiiiiiiin Spaaaaaaaace).

Stillstrange, did you get an email from Amazon that included a tracking number? Could you email or reply in the comments with the tracking number? That will tell me if it was shipped UPS or USPS, and that will tell me who I need to contact to go about finding the lost package.

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  1. stillstrange

     /  April 14, 2012

    Is it possible you received it and thought it was from someone else? Maybe they lost the card. It said it was delivered on the 4th at 8:51 a.m. Tracking # 910999999491359025111.
    If you really didn’t receive it, it must have been whisked away. 😦

    • Nope, didn’t get it. 😦

      They’re supposed to leave packages in the office but who knows, someone probably snagged it while I was at appointments.


      Thank you though! 🙂


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