I need to build a desk.

I had a really nice home built one previously but I lost it of course when I had to live in my truck.

So, I need to build another one.

I’m trying to come up with the best design.
I want a place for my computer, a laptop, my printer, heavy and space consuming, and room to work. And it has to be on castors.
The printer is the biggest issue.

I’ve got some ideas… But I want to do it as inexpensively as possible.

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  1. Katydid

     /  April 12, 2012

    I use a large-ish Ikea tabletop on castor legs that slides into my Ivar bookshelves. The room it’s in is also my guest bedroom, so when I’ve got the bed pulled out, the table slides in and becomes small. When the bed is in its avatar as a sofa, the table slides out and gives me more working space. The Ivar shelves are arranged in appropriate heights for the attachments: a big space for the monitor, a small space for things like power bars, routers and back-up units. The shelf the monitor sits on is about 3″ higher than the table top, so the mouse, keyboard and small telephone slide under when it’s compressed. I’ll send you a photo if you want – the system works very well for me. And it’s cheap, strong, and uses stuff I understand you already have much of. And it’s re-configurable, and packs flat. Win-win-win.

  2. Send me a photo!!!
    I’ve been trying to configure something using the IVAR system in my head but I haven’t quite got it worked out yet. Pic would help a lot!
    How do you get it to slide into the bookshelf system? That’s the part I can’t envision.

    PS. Thanks for the paypal! 😀

  3. I’ll bet you you searched “free desk” on craigslist, you’d find something.

  4. Yes Sam, I most likely could. But it wouldn’t fit what I need it to do. Besides, half the fun is designing the perfect desk for my fit and needs. You wouldn’t take away my fun would you?


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