Too much! arghghghggh!

I can’t believe how much paperwork, follow up, organization, phone calls, faxing, and stuff that is required as a patient of the VA.

I’m not complaining, much, but getting care from the VA is a full-time job. By itself.

3 appts a week, for various things; each appt takes 2-4 hours, then add on commuting and various bits of paperwork after you get home. There goes a big chunk of your usual hours in the day.

But at least the care is actually good. And have I mentioned how much happier I am to have my blood drained by the techs at the VA than I am by techs at regular clinics?
The last blood draw (yesterday) was 6 tubes of blood, I didn’t have even the slightest bruise and you can’t even tell that I had blood drawn. Amazing.

I just spent this afternoon on the phone with VA and then student loan offices. Now that they’re done it wasn’t too terribly horrific, but it sure took a lot of effort to do it.
I still have one student loan office to deal with, if I can find a number to call them at…

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