I finally got out grocery shopping.

I figured Easter Sunday would be a great time to hit the store, all the usual shoppers would be home stuffed too full to move. But no… apparently they hadn’t actually done any of the cooking yet and were frantically attempting to do their last minute shopping so they could create their Easter masterpiece. Or maybe they had finished eating and the crowd was so large that now there was not a single bite of food in the entire house and in self-defense they had to run out and restock.
Either way, it was busy. Very busy.

But I did manage to come out with almost everything on my list (I know the store and thankfully they haven’t succumbed to the usual “rearrange every aisle and what’s on the specific aisles” mentality yet).

While I was in the store I realized that I could cook again! Plantains! Sweet Potatoes! Tofu! (only in stir fry and curry) Pancakes!!! Rice Pudding!
As an added bonus for my shopping trauma I got 3 marranitos warm from the oven. 😀

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  1. stillstrange

     /  April 9, 2012

    So I guess in a way I’m glad the grocery store was closed when I went. Refer to my blog if you want more info on that.

  2. WordPress says your blog has been deleted. 😦
    Do you have a new one?


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