Today has been fairly good.

Despite having an upset stomach. I think it’s the anxiety; the VA docs are still messing around with my meds and I’m more off balance than I’ve been for some time.

But, other than bailing on my buddy Sam, again, this morning for an open water swim, I’ve done okay.

I did 20 minutes of walking in place, then I slept a bit more since I was up half the night.
Then I made some beef flavoured rice and set about organising my place a bit more.

Unfortunately, my plants in bottles aren’t doing that well. The only one that’s surviving, even thriving, is the lavender. Even the mint, which are supposed to be hardy little plants, is wilted. Too much water maybe for the mint.
So I may put that idea on hold for a bit.
Instead I’ll use the water bottles to hold things like my pencils, pens, coloured pencils/art crayons, sticky tabs, any of that little stuff that piles around on your desk.

In between activities I played with Keegan. She’s a lot more interested in playing with toys again now that we’re 1) out of the truck and 2) have our own place. I don’t think Keegan likes roommates longterm any more than I do, no matter how nice or awesome they are.

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