Yesterday was a good day

My bed and my rice/porridge cooker both showed up, and I got a package from Roxanne with an itty bitty (exactly what I wanted) coffee press (and a few other bits and pieces currently being put to use) in it; thanks Roxanne!

My bed is extremely comfortable, though I did wake up at 3am again.
My rice/porridge cooker cooked rice beautifully last night and I’ll see how well the timer works this morning if/when it turns on automatically and cooks my porridge for breakfast.
My coffee press will be pressed (ha!) into service this morning.

After the mattress people dropped off my mattress I decided that I had just enough time to hightail it to Ikea and pick up the IVAR shelves (basic pine, open design) I’d decided on. Good decision.
I got there an hour before closing, got what I needed without a lot of window shopping (difficult to do in Ikea) and made it home by 10pm.

Today I’ll put together the shelves; easy enough to do but I need to put the cross braces on and anchor them to the wall.
Then I can start getting stuff off of the floor and organized. That will help a lot with my mental status. I like to know where things are, which is difficult if everything is stuffed into various plastic bags and scattered haphazardly across the floor.

That’s enough for now. 🙂

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