I can’t wait!

I can’t wait until I’m in my own place full time!

Right now I’m still spending nights at my friends place; my bed shows up Wednesday and then I’ll be staying at my place full time.

One of the reasons I’m so excited is because once I have my own place I’ll be able to function on my own schedule.
For example, I’m awake now. But I can’t do much because I need to stay quiet so I don’t disturb the other occupants. When I have my own place I can make the choice to either get up and exercise (go to Barton Springs and swim), or go back to sleep, or do my Spanish (has a speaking component).
I’d like to get into the habit of getting up and going swimming in the morning.

Anyway, I don’t know what habits I’ll actually develop, but the opportunity to choose them is exciting.

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  1. stillstrange

     /  April 2, 2012

    I agree. It will be wonderful for you to have your own place and your own schedule without fear.


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