Moving Tasks.

Today I purchased a broom/dustpan set and a toilet bowl cleaner. Yes. Cleanliness.

I intended to purchase a shoe rack to put by the front door. I went to Target, got it, measured my shoes to make sure they were large enough to use the shoe rack, then took it to the cashier to pay. All their phones/lines were down so they were only accepting cash. So I walked out without the shoe rack. Pffft.

I moved a lot of stuff out of the truck, books mostly. The truck seems to be driving easier now though much more buffeted by the wind. Hmmmm… 😀

Then I went to the local B&N bookstore to meet the lady I knit the purse for. I managed to get out without buying a single book. A rare feat for me.

And I started knitting some potholders for myself for my own kitchen. Woohooo! They’re lambswool so when they’re knitted I’ll run them through a hot wash and let them felt. That will make them thicker and more useful as pot holders.
I have 3 bright colours that will really brighten up the kitchen. I plan on making sets of various sizes, so trivet size, hand size, maybe even a couple “glove” styles (knit one long rectangle, then sew it up into a square “mitt”).
I’m using a “moss” stitch. It’s perl 1/ knit 1, alternate each row. It turns out a very insulated fluffy weave.

Tomorrow is washing sheets and towels someone gave me, washing the mattress pad for the new bed, and washing the sheets of the guest bed where I’ve been staying. So lots of laundry.
And then more changing of address tasks. I got some of it done online over the weekend but many are easier to do by phone so will get done tomorrow.

Wednesday evening my mattress gets delivered.
Next Monday my internet gets connected.

Life is good.

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  1. Anonymous

     /  April 1, 2012

    I’m so happy for you!


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