So I have a new place.
I have electricity but no wifi. It’s amazing to me how big a deal it is to me that I don’t have internet service. I will have it, it will just take them a week to come out and set it up/turn it on.

I’ve had a safe place here the past few weeks. And now I’m uprooting again (hey, 3 weeks is long enough for roots to start).
On one hand I’m excited and glad to have my own place again! On the other it’s yet another new place.

It’s interesting to me that my kid sister lives out of her suitcase as a lifestyle and prefers it that way. But then, she spent her childhood in one location mostly. I spent my childhood moving every year or so. Maybe that’s why I want to be settled somewhere now while she wants to constantly move around.

Part of me wants to jam as much of my stuff here that I’ve unloaded for daily use back in the truck and head to the new place.
But the wiser part of me knows that I’m worn out after the last week and need some rest.

I probably will make at least one load but I’ll have to make an effort not to push too hard today.

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