Visiting the VA Psych

Today was my first scheduled appointment with the VA psych. It was a lot of “well what do you want to get out of this?” and “well some of the programs we have are….” 

But, it was promising. One of the programs is based on “mindfulness”, a type of meditation that’s been around in parts of the world for eons. First is the class on learning mindfulness, then a couple months later is the class on how to use mindfulness to deal with PTSD symptoms (nightmares, flashbacks, dis-associations, hyper-awareness, hyper-vigilance, etc etc etc).

The first class doesn’t start until first of May. So I’ve got a month to continue muddling around trying to get an apartment rented and keeping enough of my duckies in a row that they aren’t randomly being squished by passing semis or picked off by kids with paint guns.

That last paragraph made sense when I wrote it; really.


This afternoon was spent on the phone trying to get everything lined up for the apartment I’m trying to rent. Faxes off to one place, several times, who swore they never got the faxes. One place saying that they had no records on me or if they did I was so far back in the records that I’d been archived (ok, no worries, un-archive me) and they couldn’t get to my records. Then the other place needing yet more verification on facts already explained, which requires more running around tomorrow to get yet more paperwork to yet again verify what was already dealt with a few days ago.

What fun! :p


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  1. Anonymous

     /  March 29, 2012

    Rachel you crack me up!!! Lol too funny. Hope tomorrow goes better!

  2. stillstrange

     /  March 29, 2012

    Sounds like my land of medical paperwork. Never fun but worth it in the end.


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