New Routines

I mentioned that I’m working on building new routines.

This is some of the stuff I’m doing and some of the stuff that I’m working my way up to doing. Some of it is planned but not yet happening.

So far I have 4 things that I try to do every day. (barring migraines and other assorted illness/injuries).
1. 1 hour of Khan Academy math study
2. 1 hour of Rosetta Stone Spanish, Latin America, study
3. 20 minutes of walking or jogging outside
4. 3 items off of my “to-do” list, this usually involves errands such as…

  • – the post office
  • – pay bills online
  • – call old bills/collection agencies and pay off debts
  • – call trainers and dog rescue orgs about dogs
  • – search for, call, or arrange visits of rental properties
  • – check and verify, keep track of, VA medical appts
  • – chiro appts
  • – refill various medications
  • – and other various errands that pop up like getting a new phone, dropping off paperwork, requesting paperwork, all sorts of little things.
  • Soon, I hope my list will include items such as..

  • daily dog sitting visits
  • dog training sessions with clients
  • general housekeeping/nanny support – this one not any time soon though
  • ad hoc repair and altering business by word of mouth only
  • tri-weekly rowing sessions with rowing team
  • 1 hour a day of knitting small items for side craft business
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