New dog on hold…

Well… I’m thinking that after this weekend the time for a new dog is not now.

First, after the initial round of negotiating, I didn’t hear back from the “1 bed house” person. So no place of my own in the immediate future.

Second, the Austin located trainer in the service dog program I had applied to and been accepted for, quit. So there are 4 of us here in Austin with no trainer or person to help assess possible new dogs.
I’ve emailed and called the head of the program asking if I might be able to work with the San Antonio trainer but his email suddenly doesn’t work and I haven’t gotten through on the phone yet. So… hmmm…. not looking real promising.

Third, I don’t think I have the stamina to deal with two dogs right now, even if one of them is 14 years old.
So I don’t know what to do.

First things first I guess is that tomorrow I’ll email the dog rescue organization (different from the training organization) and tell them that I can’t commit to the dog I was interested in and they should allow the other people interested in her to check her out.
I’m not happy with that but I think that for now it’s the best thing to do for me and the dogs. :-/

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