small spaces decorating ideas

So wherever I end up renting, it will likely be very tiny. Maybe 350 sq ft.
This has me thinking and googling about decorating and usage ideas.

My first idea is this… I have a couple of these bottles..

I originally bought them (full of water which I drank) to use as vases for bamboo shoots.
But.. then I started thinking about how pretty they would be with colour inside them.
So, after peeling the labels off the bottles, I put some label-free coloured pencils/crayons in one. It looks pretty cool. I put some standard number 2 pencils in the other. That looks pretty cool too.
I figure that these small bottles could fit almost anywhere, on a window ledge, on a counter ledge along the wall, who knows.
Ah.. I could put a hole in the lid, run a string through (use a washer on the inside of the lid for durability) and then hang the strings from a rod so the bottles hang at different heights. This would make an awesome space divider. And keep everyday utensils within reach.

Along that last thought, put 4 spoons in a bottle, or 4 forks, or knives. Put chopsticks in one. Scissors and glue sticks in one.
This might be VERY cool!

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