(blank look)

Today is my blank look day.

So much has been going on that my head is spinning. I need a day to step back, breathe, incorporate, organize, and settle.

I’ve spent the morning making needed phone calls, sending necessary emails (not much of a down day so far) and cleaning/organizing.

This afternoon I need to clean out my pickup enough that the mechanics can get into it to test drive it and do whatever work they will need to do.
It’s only respectful to make it possible for them to move the seat back (not everyone has legs as short as mine) and to remove any empty granola bar wrappers or empty water bottles. At least there’s no banana peels.

Between then and now though I think I might colour. That’s right. Get out my molded sticks of wax and pressed wood pulp and express my inner self.
I’m thinking scribbling wildly might be suitable for today.

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