ahhh.. house hunting..

bleh. 🙂

Actually, not so bad this time around. I have support and I have assurances that they won’t let me go back to living in my truck. They’re actively helping me look for housing too.

I woke up really early today so I’ve been going through the craigslist ads looking for places.

I’ve found that many advert writers are woefully unprepared for the act of writing advertisements.

But, I’ve got my spiel pretty well developed. First I ask if the unit is still available, then if it’s a roommate situation or a single renter situation (the ads hardly ever say), then a question about more specifically where the unit it (“south” covers everything from on the lake/river to the next town 25 miles away).

Wish me good house hunting karma!!!!

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  1. Anonymous

     /  March 13, 2012

    And fingers and toes crossed!!

  2. thank you!

    ps. be careful with the walking, toes being crossed really confuses your sense of propriation. <— joke! funny! errr… supposed to be anyway… 😀

  3. My dislike of house hunting is part of what’s keeping me from hunting for a house. I’ve got about two more weeks to decide.


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