A little ray of sunshine

Today I’m a moving sun.

I’m wearing my bright yellow tee shirt, with my white wedge flippy flops, and yellow sunglasses (and blue jean shorts).

I’ll be so bright people will have to shade their eyes at the crosswalk.

When Caryl took me to pick out clothes I fell in love with this colour but up until now I’ve been to shy to wear it. It’s not a colour that blends in with the background (unless you live on the sun).

I’ve taken it off the hanger and put it on several times in the last week but always demurred, no, a bit too bright, no, doesn’t match my skin colour, no… blah blah blah.
Today I put it on and left it on.

Here’s to burgeoning confidence…

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  1. Anonymous

     /  March 13, 2012

    Yellow is a happy color! Be happy!!

  2. Yellow IS my happy colour! 😀

    but sometimes Orange is a bit too, though orange is more my excited go get em have fun colour.

  3. The brighter you are, the faster you will consume hydrogen, and the faster you consume hydrogen, the shorter your lifespan. I was reading about that last night.


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