I need apple earbuds…

First, if you have an apple earbuds cluttering your junk drawers that you’d just as soon get rid of… I could use them.

Second, the reason! You all know I’m knitting. I’ve been experimenting with knitting cotton/cloth covers onto earphone cables/cords. I started the first one because I wanted to see if it would stop the tangling. It does.
The second one I thought more of matching the case. It does. 🙂

This might be an awesome seller. The only problem is that I have to knit directly onto the cord/cable. Look closely at the pink set of earbuds and you’ll see why.
So whatever I might sell has to be done in advance (though I could probably do special orders once I got established).

Someone who reads my blog suggested that I put out a call for some apple earbuds as most people don’t use them, instead using their own personal favorite set they already own from previous mp3 players/phones.

Now, stating that last paragraph might make some of you wonder why I’d ask for the earbuds that people aren’t using… because, even though people have their own favorites, the apple earbuds have a good reputation for quality. So, if it’s the hand knit cover that intrigues them, people are more likely to buy them on the spur of the moment I believe because they’re a known quality.

I think that I could match most of the Otter Box cases, then I’d go with pastels to cover as large a section of cases. Then a few brighter neon colours.

Here’s a couple photos…
The green is the first one I did. The earbuds don’t work… 😦
The second is the apple earbuds and was an experiment for covering the Y junction.

First experiment.

Second experiment, covering the Y

Cord matching the phone

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  1. You should post an ad in the “wanted” section of craigslist.


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