Photos of the completed dish cloths so far…

Set of 3 dish cloths

First of next set, shows the pattern.

Close up of pattern

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  1. Anonymous

     /  March 10, 2012

    They are REALLY nice!! Lol if I wasn’t already making mine crocheted I would buy some! Yours are much nicer than mine!! How much are they?

  2. Hey Alyce,
    I haven’t set a firm price yet, it would all depend on where I was selling them (to what client group) and if I was selling wholesale vs retail.

    I *think* that it’s possible, in the cool hipster eco-friendly area, to get $20-25 dollars. Probably $20.

    But if I was selling wholesale… then I’d sell for $14; which is 70% of $20.
    Here I’d be using a 70/30 split.
    Since they’re already “packaged” and all the seller has to do is place them on the table/counter/booth/whatever.

  3. Very nice! You have gotten really good at knitting. Nice colours, too.


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