I haven’t been writing much I know. Too much happening.

First, my VA claim has gone through. So for the next year I’ll get a monthly stipend and medical care. The review the claim every year so I could very well lose benefits next year.
But, for now, my past week has been non-stop medical appts and catching up on everything that will need to be done.

I’m looking for a place but I still have to find a place under $600 max, preferably $500. Because I’ll have utilities and food and auto insurance and all those other things. Rent is supposed to be no more than 1/3 of your monthly income but I’m looking at more like 1/2 of my income.
So send positive vibes or whatever you believe in to help me find a place under $500. I should be getting a place that’s no more than $400 but that just doesn’t exist here.

I’m looking at dogs for a new service dog. I have one I’m interested in at a rescue org a couple hours away. I’ve filled out all the paperwork and such but I haven’t heard back yet. I had to do all the paperwork and references before I could even meet the dog. I won’t know if she’s a good fit until I get to meet her and hopefully spend a couple hours with her.

But, I’ve also been in contact with a service dog training organization based out of san antonio/austin who help train PTSD dogs. If my chosen dog doesn’t work out they’ll help me find another dog. So I *will* get a dog in the end. They also help the “old” dog (Keegan) adjust to the new dog. I asked specifically because Keegan gets so upset when she doesn’t go with me that I was concerned she’d just lay down and die if a new working dog came into the picture. But the trainers said that’s very unlikely and they’ll help me show Keegan that she’s still top dog but that now she can relax and spend her days sleeping instead of working. (She sleeps a lot these days, at 14 years old).

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  1. stillstrange

     /  March 8, 2012

    Hey, That’s all exciting stuff. Congrats!
    You never know. Keegan may get some energy if you bring a new, younger, dog in.
    I’ll be praying you find a place soon. Places have got to be cheaper then here. I’m in So. CA.

  2. When I was in college, I got a one bedroom apartment for $400 a month that was within walking distance of UT. But that was many snows ago.

  3. ann g

     /  March 9, 2012

    This is fantastic news! What a relief to have reliable income and medical care for a year.

    • it’s an incredible feeling!
      I’ve spent almost every day of the last two weeks at the VA for various appts. It’ll slow down but I have at least one appt for every week of April already scheduled.


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