first set of dishcloths knitted

I’ve been working on coming up with ideas for knitted items to sell. Something small enough I could actually make money off it.

I’ve just finished my first set of 3 dishcloths in coordinating colors.
The first one took a while but now I know the pattern and the last one went much faster.

I’ll post pictures in a bit.

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  1. Maybe you should make cozies to fit pint sized ice creams.

  2. If only I knew where to find a pattern…

  3. I used this method, except that I used 40 stitches instead of 35, size 7 needles instead of 9, and I used the magic loop method. I did 22 rows before the two pearled rows. After the two pearled rows, I did four rows of the knit stitch, then the one row of knitting two per stitch, then closed. And instead of doing 2×2 ribbing, I did 1×1 ribbing.


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