Truck battery died, but its okay

So while I was at a Dr. appt this morning, my truck battery died. I did not leave the lights on so I have no idea why it died.

So I asked the security guard to give me a jump. They didn’t have their handy dandy jumper box and neither of them personally had any jumper cables.

BUT.. fortunately for our story, my buddy Sam had left the jumper cables in the cab of the truck last time my battery died (last year?) and they were still there.
So nice security guard jumped my little pickup from his big bad super truck and my little truck started right up.

Drove off and all is well.

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  1. If you need to give those cables back to your friend, I can ask around and see if anyone has a set they don’t need.

  2. That’s awesome! I helped, and it took no effort on my part. BTW, you can keep the jumper cables.

  3. Thanks Marty. : )

    Sam, you make me laugh ( that’s a good thing) : D
    Thank you btw.


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