Mind work

A couple days ago I watched a dvd called “The Secret”.

I’d heard of it quite a while ago and knew the general premise, and I thought it was all complete bunk.
But my mind must be in a different place these days because when I watched it I found myself more than willing to give it the benefit of the doubt.

Then I realized, as I watched it, that many of the “skills” are almost the same as rituals in the Jewish tradition.
For example, one very important piece in “The Secret” ritual is conscious grateful acknowledgement of your own specific items the moment you wake up. Jewish ritual has a prayer of grateful acknowledgement that practicing Jews say the moment their feet hit the floor in the morning, before they actually stand up from the bed.

I don’t know if the matching pieces of ritual occur in other religions.

So I’ve decided to try and use the skills taught in “The Secret”.
It’s more difficult than one might think. It requires clearing your mind enough to be able to think of those specific items when your mind is already frantically aligning your days schedule with whatever it remembers of your “to do” list.

It promises to be not only interesting, but also a way of “mindfulness”.

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  1. I met a cute new age girl named Kristen in a courthouse in Titus County a few years ago who got me to watch “The Secret.” I thought it was all bunk back then and still do. LOL Maybe if Kristen had been cuter, I wouldn’t have objected so much. 🙂

  2. On the surface it seems so. There’s a lot more that needs to go hand in hand with it that the dvd/book leaves out.

    It seems to me an attempt to break people out of the mold that they’re in mentally by reshaping coping skills from times past into something current that might resonate with the current population.

  3. Shabbat is, I think, another form of mindfulness — and gratefulness.

    I find it noticeably relaxing.


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