Another Daryl Update

So on my last visit back to see the guys I mentioned that the county website still didn’t have any charges listed for Daryl.

Then Steve told me that someone had called the jail for them directly and found out.

He’s in for “assault on a security guard” which is a 3rd class felony and carries a 2-10 year sentence.

This sucks, because.. Daryl is a very peaceful man. But when he drinks liquor, while he’s still not violent he talks to the voices (or memories? ) in his head, loudly.
So, while everyone in the group (who was there at the scene) swears up and down that he didn’t lay a finger on the security guard, who’s going to believe the homeless men over the security guard?
And.. furthermore, if he was threatening the voices in his head, and the security guard didn’t know him, or maybe did know but didn’t like him, then he could be jailed for verbally assaulting a security guard even though he wasn’t even talking to the guard.

The other bummer is that Daryl goes to this other place, when he comes back, he doesn’t have any memory whatsoever of what he might have done. I can sympathize with that since I have the same issue.

So he’s in jail for 2-10 years for something he probably didn’t do but has no memory of to even be able to defend himself.


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