all excited.. then.. nothing.

There was a letter from the VA in my postbox today. After staring at it for what seemed an eternity while visions of the rest of my life swam round and round in my mind, I managed to get it open.

It was all official, official letterhead, veteran number, etc etc.

It turned out to be an application for service-related disability life insurance.

Part of me was squeeing with joy, I mean, they wouldn’t have sent me life insurance junk mail that only veterans with service-related disabilities qualify for if I wasn’t qualified would they?

But… after IM’ing with a friend about it I’ve accepted that it’s probably just junk mail. I never thought of the VA capable of sending out junk mail. But there’s no reason why they couldn’t, the federal government is a business after all.

Regardless, I’ll be checking my post box daily for the next week or so, crying, waiting, hoping..* for good news.

*Everly Brothers song

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  1. Ann G

     /  February 26, 2012

    Hubby is a vet, and we have a VA mortgage on our house. We get loads and loads of offers to refi our loan. A lot of them go to great lengths to *look like* they are directly from the VA without ever actually saying they are (on behalf of, authorized representative, blah blah blah). If you read the fine print, you might find the same about that life insurance offer. 😦

    • yeah.. I asked the case worker at a private company that’s helping me with the VFW and other stuff and that’s what he said too.

      Damn I hope they send me the results soon. I need to be able to start working out what resources I’ll have so I can make some plans for moving forward.


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