yarn received!

I got some yarn in the mail from Alyce and Holly!

It’s recycled from soda bottles. Awesome!
I think that will be handy advertising when I make whatever I make; should make it easier to sell here in this eco-conscious area.

Plus some “fun” yarn. đŸ˜€
That stuff is called fun for a reason. It’s easy and fun to work with and it adds a lot of “life” or pizzazz to items.

And the yarn is all colour compatible.

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  1. Anonymous

     /  February 21, 2012

    Looking for more for you!

  2. woot!!

    spring colours.. apparently I need to start making stuff in “spring colours”

  3. If you can spin soda cans into yarn, you ought to be able to spin yarn into gold.

  4. I’m workin’ on it! But all I’ve got so far is silver. :-]


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