Goods request

For those of you that send me stuff every once in a while… Could you keep an eye out for this item…

Those nylon mesh “bags” that some housewares and groceries come in?

I don’t know how to describe them though. They’re mesh. Usually they’re heat sealed on one end and have a zip-tie on the other end, though sometimes they may be closed with string or ties in a knot or stapled shut with the cardboard hanger card.

I’ve seen them holding dish scrubbies, vegetables, dog toys, all sorts of things.

I’m thinking that they would be excellent for holding my yarn that I’m working so as I pull yarn from the center the skein doesn’t fall apart all over the place, not to mention neater storage when I’m not actively working on that project.

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  1. Anonymous

     /  February 15, 2012

    When I crochet, I take the yarn and roll it into a ball. Then I just put it in a bowl or something that it won’t come out of and it just rolls around as I crochet.

  2. You aren’t living in a truck.
    Just you wait until you get your little vanagon and then try it that way. : )

    If you ever do get a travel trailer I have lots of ideas that are now backed by experience. We could have a total blast designing the interior of your camper!!

  3. Lara

     /  February 16, 2012

    You have exactly the right idea. They’re brilliant for holding center pull skeins. Also for corralling those little balls of leftovers by fiber type. (all the wool ones in here, all the washable wool ones in here. all the cotton…)

    I just tossed a couple. sigh. I’ll save up the next couple.

  4. stillstrange

     /  February 17, 2012

    They make children’s bowl now that are guaranteed not to roll around and spill even if it is dropped with food in it. Those might work in your situation.

  5. Lara: thanks!

    Stillstrange: I also have the issue of almost no counter/flat space. 🙂


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