belated thank you’s

A couple people sent me something via paypal last month.. the last few weeks have been difficult for me and I can’t remember if I ever acknowledged the gifts or not. 😦

Kady, Katy, Laurie… Thank you!
Being able to actually get to the many state, federal, etc etc appointments greatly increases my chance of getting out of homelessness and back into society again.
If I don’t make the appointments I don’t get any of the services offered, which, even though they may take 6 months or longer to show any real progression, are really the only legal recourse I have.

Alyce.. thank you too!
All the people of the world with sensitive noses thank you. 🙂

And to Roxanne who sent me a box full of all sorts of goodies, including a variety of knitting needles (both straight and doublepoint! even some plastic ones so I can take my knitting into waiting rooms without being detained by security guards) and wayy too many useful items to detail. (I love surprise boxes!)
I have a gauge tool so I’m going to be checking and classifying the sizes of all the doublepoints this afternoon.

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