Not really a great day all told.

Though there was one funny bit that made me laugh, you don’t get to hear the funny until all the woe is told though.

First I’ve been out of meds for 4 days now. This isn’t anything I did wrong, two weeks ago I went through all the paperwork, touching base, etc to get the monthly prescription. But it’s been nothing but problems since my case worker quit/retired and the new go-getter came in.
I say go-getter because she’s got that sort of attitude but somehow everything is three times as much work since she got there.
Now that I no longer have a phone I haven’t been able to call, stay on hold for 20 minutes (they never return calls) and hound them until it gets pushed though.
I also don’t have the gas money or the emotional energy to drive across town, sit there, then go to e pharmacy, sit there, then (yes) go back to the office and sit there some more before it gets done. Then get back to the school and attend class.

Factor in that my meds have needed adjusting for over a month now but I haven’t been able to get in to see anyone. Seriously. Here’s a person, me, who’s aware enough to know that adjustments need to be made, begging for an appt so I can stay level, and I’m ignored.
Yes, and “normal” people wonder why the “crazy” people give up.
So I’m not in the greatest of places emotionally or mentally. I’m in my patented “survive for 3 more hours” mode.

This morning I see that someone has stolen my little camp chair off of my camper. Since its too small for anyone over 5’1″ and it’s over 9 years old I can’t figure out why anyone would want it.
But, people do weird shit. Oh look! A homeless person! Let’s go ransack their camp and sell whatever we find!
Really really.

Then I went by the hobby lobby to check out some cotton yarn for the washcloth sets (possible selling item). Does it freak anyone else out to hear hymns jazzed and muzacked? I mean I know hobby lobby is run by religious people but still…that’s just freaky.
But, as I was coming out of the restroom I heard the young guy cleaning the toilets say into his walkie, “Linda? Theres a lot of really bad graffiti in the men’s bathroom.”
I about lost it. I said “who graffities a bathroom at the hobby lobby??”
Think about the clientele that frequent hobby lobbies. Prone to vandalism? Not so much.
Anyway, that was the funny bit.

Then, I go to my postbox and find two letters from the community care clinic telling me that it’s URGENT!!! that I come in right away.
My mammogram was abnormal. I’ve already had the follow-up. I’ve been referred for biopsies. 4 of them. Most likely they’ll give me a local and try to do all 4 of them at once.
I will tell them that the anesthetic doesn’t work and they won’t believe me.
Then, at the start of the 3rd one, or there-abouts they’ll notice that I’m whiter than the sheets, and that my blood pressure is way off. Then they’ll ask me, “Can you feel that?” and I’ll say “why yes, I’ve felt everything from the start of the second one (this if they’re quick, otherwise it’ll be from the end of the first one). And they’ll say “oh my goodness! Why didn’t you say something!” and I’ll say “I did, before you started” then they’ll say, “well we’re almost done, just hang in there!” I will say nothing. Then they’ll say “and well put this in your chart so they know next time!” and I will likely say, rather sarcastically, ” yeah, I’ve been having these biopsies since I was 28. Every single time you doctors and nurses refuse to believe me, every time you’ll say that it will be added to my records. Yet every single time no one is aware of it and EVERY SINGLE FUCKING TIME I force you to listen to me you tut tut and say everything’s different now and I won’t feel a thing. And you know what? I don’t like brussels sprouts either. No matter how you make them.
So I’m not thrilled about that whole upcoming fun time.

Plus it’ll be at the hospital downtown where parking is $5 an hour. And there is NO free hospital parking. None. So I have to figure out where I can park for the day where my truck won’t get broken into and where I can leave the top third of the door open so Keegan doesn’t suffocate but not where some do gooder will hear her moving around and have the pound impound her.

Oh.. And..wait, I’ll make that a separate post.

No Fair! You can’t skip to the end like that! Now you have to go find it in the middle somewhere.

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  1. Brandi

     /  February 13, 2012

    O wow


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