My knitting/selling saga so far…

I have learned to knit basic items. I have even learned how to knit while wearing the hand braces. I’m getting better!

So the Christmas family mother/wife was asking if I’d be interested in selling my knitted products.
I said sure!
So she checked with some of her co-workers (she works in sales) and said there was a woman who was interested I seeing my work.
So I give her a couple of items to show as samples of my work, but they were just samples, not items to sell.
She was good with that. We just wanted to let the prospective seller see the quality of my work.

So she takes the items to church and lays them on the chair of the potential seller so that she can take a look at them.

Turns out that sometime during the day (between services? Between sunday school and sermon?) the prospective seller actually sold the sample items.

Now, one of those sample items was a gift, custom made to his measurements and colors.
She sold it for $10.

My knapsack, that cost me $10 in supplies, not counting the 2-3 days it took to make, she sold for $25 and said that was pretty much the top price she would be able to get for such an item.

Neither of those items was for sale.

Then the potential seller graciously says that since I didn’t tell her in advance how much the minimum price was that she would go ahead and give me the full price this one time. But anything else would be a 60/40 split.

Oh, and I would have to line the backpack and use straps of some different material that’s stronger. Whoa baby… You just increased the cost of my supplies by 2, possibly 3 times depending on what you demand for straps.

I understand that she was just being a go-getter, pro-active, showing her worth as a seller; I am not pleased though.

You know how some people keep their first bill, that was my first knapsack and it was special to me. I was actively using that knapsack.
And how much extra effort and joy you put into making something for your best friend? That was the hat and it was worth all the extra smiles I put into it. But now a total stranger has it and has no idea what went into it.

I’m sure that if my meds were all hunky dory this wouldn’t bother me so much and I’d be more likely to focus on the way the potential seller was doing such an awesome selling job.
But all I see right now is a pushy woman who either didn’t bother, or didn’t care, to find out that the samples were samples of my work, not merchandise.

I know I’m too attached to things, even at the best of times, but this was painful.

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  1. stillstrange

     /  February 14, 2012

    I totally understand. The term “sample” is for a reason and she should not have sold anything without your permission. At least you can be thankful for the money she made from the sales and happy knowing someone is enjoying your work and it could lead to more sales.

  2. Anonymous

     /  February 14, 2012

    I’d be pissed/hurt too. Now just let it go or it will eat at you. It would me.

  3. I had a “friend” in highschool who wanted to borrow my CB for a week while I went to Austin to visit my brother. This guy was a bit of a stalker back in the day and would call me five times a day driving me nuts. When I came back, he had sold my CB. He never replaced the CB or gave me the money, but at least he stopped calling. Then, just a few months ago, the bastard sent me a friend request on facebook.

    • Sam: ouch! and then double delayed ouch!

      Alyce: yes, definitely. I was thinking about it some more last night and my usual give people the benefit of the doubt attitude came back (the pharmacy gave me 3 “loaner” doses of my meds) and I can see that it makes much more sense that here she and christmas mom had been talking about her selling my knitted items, then the knitted items show up, then she does her best to show that she CAN sell the knitted items. And does a very quick job of it. I imagine that in such a situation she’d be feeling pretty satisfied that she was able to help me. So, while I’m still bummed I’m not angry.

      stillstrange: yup.:)


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