On my mind

For some reason this song has been going through my head all evening. I don’t know why. I learned it when I was about 13 years old, along with the rest of that album. They still haunt me 30 years later.

Staff Sgt. Barry Sadler – I’m Watching the Raindrops Fall

I’m watching the raindrops fall,
Watching the shadows on my wall.
I’m tired and all alone.
So many many miles from home.

The rain it reminds me of you.
When it’s soft and makes things new.
And the thunder reminds me,
of the little fights we had.

The lightning was when you made
me mad.
And I remeber the things we had.
our love when things were bad.
So when the sun goes down
and day is through.
My love I think of you.

Yes i’m lonely, a little bit at times.
But it’s not so bad as long as you write
and send pictures.

And I can see how things are at home..
But no mater where I am or where I roam.

I’m watching the raindrops fall.
Watching the shadows on the wall.

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