Cold tonight I think

The thermometer says 50* but I think it’s colder. The wind has a serious bite.

I’m already in my down sleeping bag with my Snuggie.

The Christmas family mom and daughter took me to get some yarn today. The idea was to get enough small bits so that I could make a few sample items for her to take to work with her.

I think we did well.
I got some small bits of all cotton that will work really well for washcloths. And I’ve found lots of free patterns that I can use as a base for my own patterns (some stipulate that they not be used for profit, some don’t). I’m thinking a set of baby animals for kids baths. A set of dog themed ones for the dog lovers. A set of beach items, starfish, sand bucket, fish. I’ve got some others that won’t be as a “set”.
But I think these might be a good way to get started.

I’ll also be making some more knapsacks and “Jayne” hats.

Right now it’s too cold though. My fingers are turning blue!

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  1. stillstrange

     /  February 12, 2012

    Cat toys too. Not just dog toys. Just a thought.

    • I checked out some cat toy patterns online today.

      Doable. And some really cute/fun stuff too like the catnip whale. Heh!

      And I saw a couple kitty hoodies too… those cats did NOT look pleased!


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