knitting patterns

So far in my knitting career I’ve just knit whatever I wanted, figuring out the patterns as I went along.

But, if I get into knitting seriously and people actually want to buy things then, in the interest of productivity, it would behoove me to start using existing patterns.

To that end I have been searching the web for useful free patterns.

So far the few that I’ve found and kept include the likes of…
…reversible scrubber dishclothes
…various scarves
…cases for electronic devices
…cozies for cans/cups/etc
…a few cute yet very simple hats
…string shopping bags
…simple drawstring bags

What I’m still looking for are small projects that might take a few hours but not much more.
If you were in the market for goodies what would you find interesting?
If you find your interest caught by an item at the local flea market, box store, small knick knack store.. tell me.

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  1. Last night while eating a pint of mint chocolate chip ice cream, I thought it would’ve been nice to have had a knit cozy that fit the pint sized container of ice cream to keep my hands from freezing and the ice cream from melting.

  2. Anonymous

     /  February 13, 2012

    O yes I would buy a few of them! Holding the container with a wash cloth isn’t fun!!


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