Just do something!

I’ve been asked, usually by counselors , pyschs, well-meaning people, what I do when I get overwhelmed or “feel like injuring yourself”.

I hunker down.

I wait.

When the best possible, most practical, dignified (FSVO) option is socially unacceptable, ie. negative, then managing to not do the negative is all I can handle.

I’ve heard all sorts of things that people who aren’t where I’m at, and truthfully I doubt they’ve been anywhere close to where I am, that I should be doing at such times.

I should be volunteering, exercising, meditating, thanking who/whatever for my blessings, and much more.

If however, every force in the universe is pulling you inexorably towards the edge of a cliff, do you stop to sing praises that at least it’s not raining or do you spend every ounce of strength and concentration you have fighting the pull into oblivion that is the edge of the cliff?

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