busy day, maybe something useful

I started my day with a visit to my psych, who is a good guy and actually helpful.

Then I wandered over to the brand new organization here that is tailored to homeless women veterans. They may be able to help, may not. But it wasn’t a bad thing. Went much better than I expected though I was frazzled and low on reserves.

Then I went by a local food bank at a church. Chaos. Noise. People. Crowds. Tears. Keegan thank G-d.

Then I dropped off the itty bitty backpack I knitted for my wee cousin. No trauma there, drop and go. I hope she likes it!

Then I stopped by the school to try and do some online homework and got an email that a friend’s visit that I’d been using as a reason to get through this quarter has been canceled. Not the friends fault I had placed such importance on it but talk about having the pier suddenly disappear and ending up in the surf.

So now.. well.. yup… I gotta find something to grab on to damned fast cause I’ve got no more air left.

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  1. Katy

     /  February 6, 2012

    That’s an awful lot for one day! I’m amazed that you’re not even more frazzled than you are.


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