Just lost my prime parking spot

Well, last night crazy woman Linda was joined by the traveling trash heap couple, the 2nd reason I’d been looking for someplace new.
Traveling Trash Heap Couple also have a very unfriendly large chow mix dog, beautiful, but very aggressive.

The reasons I didn’t want to be around them were several. They let their dog run loose with no corralling, they would pull in beside me (right beside me) like they did last night and crowd me making me privy to their headlights and noise, they dump their trash all over the place and it’s like living in a trash dump.

The security guard for the shopping center just came by and told me I was no longer allowed to be here.

I am going to assume, perhaps wrongly but I’ll do so anyway, that I can still park here during the day because I frequent the grocery store and the McDonald’s regularly. I go to the grocery store every day.

But I’ll have to keep driving in the evenings.

I’ve been searching desperately for a place where I could park for a few days at a time so I wouldn’t be using so much gas, but I haven’t been able to find anyplace.

That place I checked out the past couple of days would have been excellent except that the guy up there was starting to give me the heebie jeebies.

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  1. stillstrange

     /  February 3, 2012

    I hope the security guy doesn’t think you are all together now or you may not be allowed to park there during the day.


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