Things you can’t do without your thumbs.

The doctor told me that the meds will help the inflammation go down so I’m not crying from the pain and that I might even be able to bend the thumbs again. But he said that he does not condone any grasping activities, though he knew I had no choice and would have to grasp things to the utmost of my ability (that is.. I would grasp things and so long as I didn’t drop them, would continue to grasp them. if however, I dropped them, then I would stand there and look helpless until I decided to either try again or use my toes to pick stuff up (I have long toes… it might work..)).

So anyway.. right now the pain is too bad to actually allow me to pick anything up or hold anything. If I can scoop it up with my fingers I’m okay, if it requires maneuvering then I’m screwed (this includes swinging your backpack over your shoulder).

Which brings me to my list so far of things that you cannot do without your thumbs.

1. operate a can opener (this is a bad thing when you live in your truck, just so you know)
2. open door knobs
3. use keys effectively
4. use zippers (not a good thing if you wear jeans eh?)
5. use utensils (who needs utensils anyway?)
6. open screw lids (I begin to see why the good ole hill folk of indeterminate age just smash the neck of the bottle rather than mess with the cap) <–that's a joke, that part, yes, that last bit.
7. effectively wipe yourself (when *will* the US start installing bidets in public toilets?)
8. write legibly with pencils/pens
9. open carabiners (which are used extensively in my truck camper)
10. turn on/off switches that are on non-stationary items (like the hanging lamp in my truck)
11. open sealed packages such as granola bars or chips bags (it's difficult *with* thumbs, impossible without thumbs)
12. use scissors (found this one in conjunction with number eleven)
13. clip or clean your fingernails
14. use tweezers
15. pick up anything round and/or smaller than a breadbox

Feel free to add your own experiences to the list, the more the merrier! points added for laughable happenstances.

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  1. Anonymous

     /  February 2, 2012

    Lol funny! But not….

    • Hey! Where’s your commiserating story?

      How can I have misery if there’s no sharing of terrible then but gut wrenching funny now anecdotes?

      I’ve also learned that even pop-top lids require the use of a thumb.


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