If I was a dog…

I’d find a nice comfy hedge row, curl up and wait to die.

That’s what dogs do when their body wears out on them.

So both of my thumbs are non-bendy now. Occasionally one of them will bend, half an hour or more after I told it to, long after I’ve given up on it actually bending. Then I gasp with pain and see pretty stars. And then I wait for it to unbend again, cause it doesn’t matter what *I* tell it to do, ain’t gonna happen until it wants to, and its always when I’ve let down my guard to the pain.

So I have two general purpose stabilizer thumb braces (that I had to buy so… hmmm… gas or not blacking out in pain.. gas? black out? uhmmmm… you see my dilemma, I went with the non-blacking out option because I decided that if I was driving with the gas I bought and I blacked out because of the pain while I was driving, that would be bad, badder, baddest.

And then, of course, I did get a prescription for some anti-inflammatory meds and steroids to take the swelling down, and hopefully the pain will decrease once the swelling is down. So I trundle off to the one pharmacy I’m allowed to use which is in a new area being built up with private communities and really big houses. Really high scale shopping center with really nice grocery store (which contained the pharmacy I had to use). No gas station for miles. Maybe rich people don’t need gas stations? Can’t be.

But there was nothing else to do except head back to the closest station and hope the walk wasn’t too bad when I ran out. Which is what I did. Pulled over and, pulled out my itty bitty (1.5 gallon?) red plastic gas container and started walking. Tons of cars went by, busy intersection/area. Lots and lots of cars and trucks went by. No one even slowed down.

Then I saw a lawn service truck go by the other direction, one of the guys sort of nodded at me from across the road as they went by. I gave a sort of resigned yeah.. (sh)it happens wave and smile and kept walking. They turned around at the next light, came back, caught up with me and gave me gas out of their mower supply. Neither of them spoke english. I almost hugged one of them but they both looked a bit embarrassed so I didn’t. They wouldn’t take any money either.
It was enough to get me to the station a few more miles down the road.


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  1. Anonymous

     /  February 2, 2012

    That was great!

  2. Jerryprism

     /  February 2, 2012

    Read Paul Auster’s excellent book called Timbuctu about a dog’s life

    • Is it a happy book? I don’t read sad animal stories that make me cry.

      I’d be happy to come back as a Keegan dog, but not generally a dog because lots of dogs have terrible terrible lives. đŸ˜¦


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