Coyotes yipping

I tried a new parking space more off the beaten path yesterday. But the guy who already claimed the area had some very defined ideas. Then he was taking too much of an interest in my truck and belongings for my comfort. I admit I’m paranoid about such things these days.

So this evening I decided I’d go ahead and trundle off. Unfortunately, the road that the old guy insisted I use to enter/exit the area was impassible for my truck. So after backing down a non-lit sand/gravel road in the dark, downhill, I had to nurse the truck back up the hill. Then I did a very very tight 4-corner turn so I could drive down the road I entered on originally. It was an even less defined road so I didn’t want to chance backing down it.

I’m sure I woke the fellow up and I feel a bit bad about that but since I won’t be heading back there I hope he’ll forgive me eventually.

Right now I’m in the hospital back parking lot where I have an appt tomorrow morning.
I scared off several deer when I pulled in. And there’s a family of coyotes yipping out across the brush land.

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  1. Anonymous

     /  February 2, 2012

    Rachel, in your situation, you can’t be too paranoid. Go with your GUT!


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