Parked for the night, I hope

I’ve pulled into the parking lot of the VA outpatient clinic. It’s a pretty big lot so hopefully they won’t begrudge me the parking space for the evening.

My appt is at 10am and I’m instructed to show up at 9:30am.

I took a nap where I was parked this afternoon. Nightmares. Now even in the middle of the day. I am not amused.
If I know myself I probably won’t sleep all night; my body has it’s own mind (limbic system anyone?) that makes these decisions without considering input from me.

I may not be posting anything the next couple of days, or I might, but if I don’t it’s not a cause for concern; hopefully I’ll be sleeping, without nightmares.

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  1. Don’t worry if they’re late with your intake process. Remember, this is your government at work…

    Your evaluation seeks to determine two things: 1) are you demonstrably disabled; and 2) is your particular disability service-connected?

    Just tell them the truth and don’t try to be brave. Tell them the whole truth. Hold nothing back; there’s nothing positive to be gained by coyness, shyness or unwonted courage in that environment.

    Lay it on ’em. Hope you succeed in getting some treatment lined up.


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