My day got better… once it ended.

My morning sucked. Pain wise, emotion wise, gas wise, all-around suckiness.

Chem class was a bit of a reviver but by then my head was throbbing, my ears were hurting, my eyes were aching, and my hands haven’t stopped hurting for weeks now.
So while I enjoyed class I was having a difficult time focusing on it. (I did get some of my homework questions answered though and I think I got full bonus points for the problem we turned in today.)

But then after class I was IM’ing with a friend while in the library and searching for a specific type of scarf pattern, and things started looking up.

First I had to poll my captive audience of one and find out what he thought of the pattern. He liked it! So I’m going to be making one of those. I’ll post a pictures when I get it done, it’ll probably be a few weeks.

Then I stopped by the grocery store and I wanted meat. Real meat, not half soy meat. So I spent far too much of my remaining food stamps allowance for the month on a package of pre-cooked pre-sliced brisket.

After we got parked I had slices of cold brisket and Keegan had the edges in her puzzle treat/chew toy.

Now I’m in my hammock, snuggled up with my Snuggie (cause its just a wee bit chilly tonight), trying to decide if I’m going to make some little accessory knit item that I found directions for in the library book i checked out today or if I’m going to make a sample scarf of this new pattern found online.

I may fall asleep before I do either, I only got 3 hours of sleep last night.

I may hibernate all weekend, only poking my head out to see if the world is still there.
The VA evaluation is on Tuesday, there’s a lot of stress going on with that.

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  1. Anonymous

     /  January 27, 2012

    Crossing my fingers on eval!!


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