School Note-taker cont..

The young woman was more than put-off I guess when I declined to do the note-taking procedure her way instead of the school’s way.

She told the instructor that she decided to not take notes.
This is fine I think, it means that I’ll have to do the first couple of weeks without any backup notes but… probably a better deal to just not have to deal with her, even if I don’t get any notes for the class at all.

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  1. stillstrange

     /  January 27, 2012

    You may need to talk to the teacher yourself and get a new Note Taker. They may be very important for upcoming tests.

  2. Yeah.
    I found out that she hadn’t dropped off notes at the OSD office so I went up to ask the prof about it and, much to my surprise and her credit, she had told him she quit, so he was already planning on making a new announcement.
    It’s unfortunate that well be two weeks into the class before I see any backup notes and that no one thought to inform either me or the OSD office about it though. Cost us both a lot of time and energy and confusion.
    But, when you use accommodations you get used to a lot of confusion and delay from non-occommodation people, who understandably enough, don’t understand the need for promptness and completeness in these types of issues.


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