Sunday – hello world

Today I was lounging in my hammock reading when a young face peeked around my open door and Keegan’s tale started wagging. Being half asleep it took me a few seconds to recognize Noelle, the young daughter of the Christmas family.

They know how to find me, just look for the sugar cube on wheels. 🙂

They had brought some stuff for all of us in the group. I got Benadryl, thank goodness! And some Advil, also a thank goodness since I’d run out of what Alyce sent me a while back. (middle age is not for sissies). And they brought Keegan some more glucosimine treats, all good stuff and brands of treats that Keegan has been familiar with all her life so I know she does well with them.

As an aside… One of those treats is in one of Keegan’s puzzle/Chew toys and she’s sitting in my hammock with me going after it. Oops.. As I typed that she finished it. Now she’s just sitting in the hammock with me looking happy.

Back to my day…
After selecting my goodies the Christmas family and Keegan and I walked to the main day camp.
Steve, having had a “very good day”* yesterday was no where to be seen today, but Terry and Dave were there and at some point the other couple with dog showed up.

While the Christmas family was there some sort of census takers came by to count the homeless. Apparently, there’s a federal fund for state programs for the homeless. They (whoever “they” are) give the statistics and agencies get more resources. But as Dave told the wife of the Christmas family, those of us on the street don’t ever see it. I dunno. [shrug]

Then some guy with a woman and child in an suv stopped by with a bag of food. Some ginger snaps, ramen, a couple cans of chunky soup, and so on. I took one of the bags of ginger snaps, neither Dave nor Terry can eat hard stuff, but left the rest of it.
Then later I’m back in my camper, knitting, when Dave comes up and hands me the two soups and tells me to take them. I protested because they’re soft food and he can eat that with no problem but he insisted so I took them. They’re too expensive for me to buy using food stamps, I’d run out of money/food too soon so they were a treat for me.
I ate one tonight, a potato chowder, that was quite satisfying. I’m saving the next one for later in the week.

I have an appt tomorrow morning at the food stamp office so I drove over tonight so I could trundle along at 25mph without upsetting anyone. I’m parked in a huge empty parking lot, waiting for morning.

*very good day means he had enough cash handouts to buy liquor (rather than weak beer), pot, and either some coke or heroin. When they started arranging for delivery of the hard stuff yesterday I left. I’m okay with being around weed but I don’t want to be around the more potent stuff for my own good.

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