Panhandling revisited

I wonder if I was to go out on the corner with a sign asking for laundry detergent and school supplies if I’d get any?

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  1. Katydid

     /  January 19, 2012

    If I were on my way to work and saw a homeless person with a sign asking for detergent and specific school supplies, I’d bring them some, but not until the next day. It would take time to assemble the requested items.

    Also, the sign would have to be very brief and very legible – passers-by won’t pause to read a complicated sign.

    • Alyce, I got it. And I just saw that there is a little note attached! I didn’t know you could do that.

      Is it okay if I do laundry with it? One of the guys says he has some detergent and will bring me some tomorrow but I still have to pay for the machines.

      And then school supplied.

      Thanks! Rachel

  2. Anonymous

     /  January 19, 2012

    Rachel I just sent $ via PayPal on my phone. Please verify that it worked correctly.

    • Hey Alyce,

      It came through, and I saw there’s a note attached too! I didn’t know PayPal could do that.

      One of the homeless guys has some laundry detergent he says and will bring me some tomorrow. So I’ll be spending half of that donation doing laundry.

      I’d hate for my classmates to scramble for seats the farthest away from me.
      Or my teacher.

  3. LaurieB

     /  January 19, 2012

    Rachel, how can I send a paypal donation to you? What email addy?


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