Not playing by the rules!

Today when I dropped by the communal meeting spot I saw a bunch of people I didn’t know all over the intersections that the group here shares.
I didn’t recognize any of them.

When I turned the corner and saw Steve I asked him who all those people were and why they were on the corner.

He said that they were a scam, affectionately called “the bucket heads”, who show up every little bit and just take over the corner.
Apparently they belong to some organization, loosely called a “church”. The church has no address and while they hand out pamphlets (tracts) they collect money for “the church”.
Steve says that according to the couple he’s talked to (in between threats and posturing for possession over the corner) that their church is some guy who lets them all live in a trailer and feeds them 3 meals a day for $50 a day (each). The guy drops a group of 9-10 of them off at various corners and then picks them up again 9 hours later and takes his $50 each.
Pretty good deal for the pimp.

The guys were pretty pissed but 2 of them weren’t going to win a fight against 10 of them.

These new guys were really aggressive though, walking up to cars and knocking on windows (that’s illegal), getting in the faces of the drivers.

The police did come by and one car sat there in one of the turn lanes. The policeman never got out of his car or said anything to them, just sat there. After about 20 minutes the group finally quit and wandered off to one of the parking lots to wait for their ride home.
They couldn’t walk out in the streets and bang on the car windows while the police were watching.

They were breaking all the rules.

Only this group is allowed to use that corner. And everyone shares the corner using the method of seniority.

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