Keegan has a new dog bed

And matching blanket!

The Christmas family put out a notice at their church for dog food for Keegan.

Not only did Keegan get good dog food, she also got a bed big enough for her to spread out on and a matching blanket lined with the faux sheep! It’s a warm blanket too.

It fills up the floor of the camper almost completely but that’s no problem, when I’m in my hammock Keegan will be off of the cold floor and snug beneath me still sleeping in her favorite spot.

She also got some of the joint treats/meds she specifically uses and some greenies (those toothbrush shaped chews that help clean their teeth and help with their breath, also by request).

I think I’m giddier than Keegan is.
But I know she likes it. Once I told her it was hers she flopped down in the middle of it and I put the blanket over her. She hasn’t moved; comfy doggy!

I took some pictures. When I go to school tomorrow I’ll upload them from the camera and post one here.

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