I’m in a better mood tonight

I am finally in a better mood after a couple weeks of barely functioning.

I’m guessing that school starting, Keegan’s gifts, Dave still being alive, and the anonymous good Samaritan at the fabric store all are to blame. 🙂

I’m still scared of everything.

Monday I have to go back to the food stamp office but hopefully I’ll be in and out within an hour.

My psych wrote me a letter stating my need for a service dog so if I get any busybodies pushing me I can pull that out. That seems to be a/the new “certification” needed.

I sent the psych links to the VA PTSD rating system and the new Psych Service Dog Task List.
He was interested, said it might be helpful in the future.

I’ve gotten my camper a bit cleaned up and organized so stuff isn’t falling all over me.

I found my pencils and school supplies in the box that I’d stashed earlier so now I have enough pencils to do my homework again.

I’ve got my other section of books bungied so they don’t fly all over the place when I drive finally.

The front seat of the truck is clear so Keegan can ride in the front passenger seat again.

I finally got my last months mail from the post office (they’d been tossing all my mail in a postal crate instead of actually putting it in my box).

My battery got enough of a jump while plugged in at my psychs office that I have power and it has enough power to self-charge via the solar panel again.

I found my picture of my brother and me and put it up on my little teeny bulletin board.

That’s enough for tonight. 😀

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