I’ve started making flashcards for this semesters class. I’ve never been a big flashcard user because they just didn’t make any impact to me when I was asking them of myself.

But I thought I’d try it.

And this time I have someone to test me with them.
One of the guys is adamant that he doesn’t want to learn anything but he’s perfectly willing to ask me my flashcards. It cracks me up!

So we’re sitting there, me sitting on a short half crate and using an upturned bucket for my desk with my book and homework. Steve sitting across from on the concrete landing for the electrical box, a new young guy hanging out on the grass with a very dapper fedora, and Steve quizzing me with the flashcards.

Then this very trim put-together young woman pulls up and offers to bring a van on Wednesday and take us all to dinner if we’ll all go to church afterwards.
The poor woman was obviously a little uncertain and looked a bit nervous. I did admire her courage to go approach a bunch of unknown persons who might be “dangerous” in the name of her church.

We all politely turned down her offer of church and traded names.

Then she left and Steve went back to quizzing me on my chemistry flashcards.
(but he isn’t learning anything!)

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