But now class is NOT canceled

I’m so confused!

Actually, now its clear though it wasn’t to most of us.

My chem lecture has two sections meeting at once.
Each section has an attached lab.

Turns out that there weren’t enough students registered for the Thurs lab so those two sections (thurs lab & thurs lecture) were canceled.

But Tuesday lab and lecture are still ongoing.

Which is sort of cool because now my lecture class only has 18 students instead of 36.

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  1. Roxanne

     /  January 17, 2012

    A rew years ago I was able to eat only liquid or pureed food for a couple of weeks. I am a ramen fan, but the worst tasting food in the world is pureed ramen. Just fyi.


  2. Oh my goodness… That does NOT sound like anything I want to try!

    I’m so glad you’ve already tested it for me so I know better. Yick!



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