Met the other car that’s been around

The guys kept telling me that there was a couple othe area on a small Toyota suv like vehicle.
I hadn’t met them yet.

Apparently they got a ticket for panhandling on the corner yesterday.

Anyway, I was sitting back off the road hanging out with Steve and little terry and knitting when they pulled up.

They were much older than I thought they were from the guys descriptions.
They had a vehicle but they looked “homeless”. Ragged dirty, scarred faces from alcohol and smoking, they looked like they’d just crawled out from behind a bush. This made me wonder what their true status was as finding a place to clean up is a lot easier if you can move around town.
They drove down here from Missouri because they said it was too cold up there. But from the few comments they traded with the guys they’re not impressed with Texas either.

Neither of them said a word to me.

They went around the corner to the grocery store, then came back, got back in their car and left.
Why they didn’t just park in the grocery store parking lot I don’t know.

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